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  • How does Commissioning a Portrait work?
    ONce a deposit is paid, I work with you to create your perfect portrait. Composition and Style are advised prior to rendering and the Likeness is confirmed before final payment, so you can be confident in your purchase.
  • Does my child need to "sit" for the portrait?"
    No, this is not necessary. Ideally, I would photograph the sitter, however given the current Covid restrictions, (and often the distance of the sitter,) I work from an extisting photograph. If you would like advice on taking a suitable photograph please refer to the "Commissions" section of my website.
  • Do you paint, can I commision a painting?"
    Yes, I do, however due to current circumstances, I am not taking painting commissions.
  • How long does a Commissioned Piece take?
    That all depends on the image and the size of the image. A large detailed piece can take a number of weeks, whilst a smaller less detailed drawing may take a day or two. If you are thinking of commissioning a piece for a special occassion, please book early to ensure there is both room for the booking and plenty of time to compete the work.
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